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About Us


You don’t know me yet, but I want to change the print industry.

Hi, my name is David West. I started my journey when I was fresh out of school with a passion for Graphic Design and endless possibilities. I started my career as an artist for a Sign Writing company. Whilst I gained valuable experience I felt there was not the challenge and freedom of creativity I had hoped it would be.

I moved onto something more creatively challenging in the field of Printing where I quickly gained experience and had customer interaction that shaped my love for printing. Luckily for me I had employers that saw my potential, nurtured my creativity and ideas.

After almost 10 years in the printing industry in a successful print business, my passion for printing grew beyond being an employee because I was taught the correct morals of printing and interacting with clients and how a print business should treat clients and how the industry overall should be treated. I am grateful that now having my own business, I can pass on and teach others what I have learnt.

Personal information.
I am 34 years of age, have a wife and 3 children. My passions aside from printing are movies and football (English football to be specific). I love talking about movies and as much as I should leave work at work, in my free time I love designing invitations for friends and family. I guess I am one the lucky ones, that my work and my hobbies are the same thing!

Printing is more than just putting ink to paper. Printing is the culmination and composition of the ideas that you have that leads to the marrying of ink and paper.

This is where Digital Printworks comes in. Our Mission is to educate the uneducated so that customers don’t have to worry about their printing coming out the way they imagined, because it will.


We are here for you. We will let you know if something won’t come out how you intended it and offer alternatives, we let you know exactly how files need to be supplied, including file types and artwork dimensions. I have always believed in saying the quickest way to do something, is to do it right the first time. If you have supplied artwork that isn’t quite ready for printing, we will make it print ready at no charge and let you know what we did so that you know for next time, making it much easier to create something new.


What we offer.
Digital Printworks have the latest in print technology, the knowledge and expertise backed up with the customer service that makes your experience with us a pleasure.

On this website alone, we give you standard print dimensions on various products. We go in depth with design to print with our audio blog that offers insight into how printing works and tips & tricks to help you design your product right the first time.

We aren’t like other printers that will create a design for you and then sell you back your artwork.

Your art created by us is for your business and that is where it belongs.  You will be provided upon request, a file with your artwork or logo in various formats for you to use on signage or web design.

Thank you very much for reading this far and I hope that we share the same interest in helping each other. Why not head over to our audio blog and see how we are making the print industry a better and educational place!

All the best! David.